Fun In Everything you Do, that’s What’s the new Exe way

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Injecting fun in everything you do, especially at work.

Not a new concept, but definitely relevant to today’s working culture. Gone are days where executives wear formal and behave formal at work. Today’s worklife has gotten more and more informal.

I recall one of the conversations that The Hour Glass Executive Director, Micheal Tay had with the media where he told the trends in the luxury watch making industry. He said that executives today are more susceptible to wearing watches that are much less formal for work.

Apart from dressing alone that’s getting more creative and fun, the attitude of today’s executive has to shift too.

Injecting the concept of fun at work, motivates the employees and the result is a more positive, forward looking team that’s ready to achieve.

So, are you ready to do that mindset shift, and have fun at work?

The articles are published in Mypaper on 9 March 2009. Aaron works in the same company as I do. And he has grown a fun-loving reputation at work.

Although he’s not part of the senior management team, he’s made significant contributions to making the workplace more bearable (from the stress) and the office environment more friendly.

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myPaper Exe Looks 2009

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Two good friends of mine got into the the finals of the MyPaper Executive Looks 2009. The annual competition is held by the popular news tabloid, the only in Singapore that publishes in both English and Mandarin.

Their media debut as the finalists of the competition was published today, and I must say they both look fantastic.


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A driver’s grouse

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Driving down the jam packed Central Expressway in Singapore during the morning peak hour can be quite frustrating.

Every driver is trying to rush through the many ERP gantries before the prices switch to higher rates. With bad weather, the traffic slows down exponentially. Even if you have planned your time to pass the gantries before 8am (where prices change to a higher rate), your schedule gets messed up because of the ridiculous traffic conditions. The driver then grumbles about the additional funds that will be deducted from his CashCard.

To make matters worst, situations like this happen:

You are travelling on lane one, the supposedly overtaking lane. A taxi driver decides to ‘fiercely’ cut into your lane, bordering dangerous / reckless driving classifications, to squeeze himself into the tiny space between you and the car in front. You give way to him and slow down. After getting into the lane, taxi driver decides to be the safest driver in town and practices defensive driving. He leaves a humongous safe driving distance between himself and the car in front.

At least ten cars then flood into that space, and you find yourself travelling a speed that’s way slower.

“Beep” goes your IU. You’re being charged at the higher rate.

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Redang Island – paradise (3)

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It amazes me how the movie, Summer Momo Tea, a movie shot in 1999, would influence the audience till today.

Starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren, the movie was shot on Pasir Panjang of Redang Island. With the signature white sandy beach and clear sea waters, the movie motivated many to visit Redang Island.

In fact, I got to know about the island from the movie too!

movie poster – Summer Momo Tea

In commemoration of the movie and it’s contributions to the tourism industry for the island, a resort, Laguna Redang, rebuilt the “momo tea inn” that was featured in the movie along the the ‘long beach’ (Pasir Panjang).


P1020558 P1020555 P1020554

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Redang Island – Paradise (2)

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When we bought our package at the NATAS fair, the voucher booked us into the Deluxe Garden View resort at Berjaya Redang.

There was a glitch and they had not prepared the rooms with double beds for us. In fact, they had ran out of rooms with double beds.

The hotel gave us a RM200 discount per room/night to upgrade to a sea-view room. This was two categories higher than the garden view.

view of the garden deluxe room

Garden Deluxe Room Toilet

The Sea-view room is located on a hill, overlooking the private Berjaya beach. The white sandy beach and the clear sea waters offered a stunning view. The atmosphere of the room was also substantially different. The deluxe garden room had a more resort feel whilst the sea-view room had a more elegant look. Complete with a king-sized bed, and a day bed placed beside the window, it was worth the upgraded price.

View of the sea-view room – it had an open window that shows the bathtub. This means that from the bathtub, you could actually get the sea-view.


This was the view from the room.


Another view of the room.

Redang Island, an island where ‘the sun, the sand, the sea’ fully describes the place, was a beautiful place and an excellent get-away from the hustle of city living. Here are some random shots of the island paradise..




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Redang Island – Paradise (1)

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Over the weekend, I went on a short trip to Redang Island, Malaysia with my god-brother, his girlfriend and mine as well.

For the first time in my life, I was on a propeller plane, and took off from Seletar Airport instead of the conventional Changi Airport.

P1020463 Bejaya Air

Bejaya Air, was the company that ferried us to Redang Island, over an hour and a half long flight. The experience was good, there were two stewardess on board and they offered us complimentary mineral water and wet towels. This, according to the ticketing officer, differentiated them from the regular budget airlines.

The plane’s capacity was about 40+ pax, and the seats were much wider than my experience on board Tiger Airways.

The flight to and from Redang was smooth sailing and not at all bumpy. The noise level was also bearable.

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Moving On

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After two and a half years of working with one of the world’s largest International Communications Consultancy, Fleishman-Hillard, it’s time to move on.

It all happened when I was applying for an internship in 2005. After a couple of cold calls, I knocked on the doors of the great consultancy. That started my relationship with the firm.

Over the two years, I’ve had the chance to work with some of the industry’s most talented consultants. I’ve learnt much during this time.

As the team was small, even as a junior consultant, I was given opportunities to work directly with clients and offer communications strategies. After being evaluated by the senior consultants, they were offered to the clients.

This model of learning gave me much space and flexibility to flex my creativity and experience real-life consulting.

As the Singaporean advocate and correspondent for the firm’s Next Great Thing practice, I spent time researching and learning about the social media space, the space that is the ‘Next Great Thing’ for communications.

But alas, there’s always an ending to even the most beautiful chapter. It’s time for me to go and see the world!

And my next step of the journey? One of the world’s most repectable consultancies. Let’s hope that the experience would be as overwhelming as it had been for me, over the past few years.

More to come. And as the  MD from my previous firm would say, “the best is yet to be..”

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