Public Relations in Everyday Situations IV – Managing Crisis/Issues

Posted on March 26, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Have you ever had the experience of having your loved ones getting upset with you? How did you handle it?

What seems to be individual experiences can be used for corporate practices and vice-versa.

Here’s some of my suggestions to managing this kind of issues/crisis:

Staying Silent doesn’t help the issue

When you are angry and the other party chooses to ignore or stay silent and not respond to your anger, you don’t recover that easily. Sometimes, you fume at the fact that the other party doesn’t bother.

The same works in corporate situations, when the company is being questioned, and they don’t respond to their publics, the anger doesn’t just go away, it might get escalated.

Do not get defensive, choose the tone and language carefully.

In times when the temper is flaring, every choice of word and tone matters. What you say, creates a chain effect on the angry party.

If you sound defensive, the other party is going to do the same too. To calm the temperaments, you need to be able to communicate your point of view without sounding defensive. Best is to start from common ground and then slowly infuse your messages.

Guide the party through, in a slow and rational way to explain your thoughts.

In the corporate world, when you face an angry crowd, do the same above. The last thing you want to do, is to sound defensive.

Do not brush off the other party, and push to move on, without first acknowledging the concerns and closing the chapter.

Many a times, in the eagerness to move on, we typically brush off the other party. This infuriates the other party who will then think that you are not taking him/her seriously. It’s better to address the issue or communicate how you are going to resolve the issue, then move on.


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