Public Relations in Everyday Situations – Part II

Posted on March 24, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Over the weekend, I was volunteering at my community. After one of the meet-the-people sessions, I had a supper session with a few senior grassroot members.

A senior grassroot leader dispensed this advise as we were talking about experiences as a volunteer, “Always start with the right intentions, it’ll lead you a long way..”

Indeed, the ‘right intentions’ are essential to start any relationship, needless to say, to start the journey on the right footing.

What’s having ‘right intentions’? It’s nothing more than accurate objective setting. Nobody can define what’s ‘right’ about the intention apart from social norms and by an individual’s ethical beliefs.

What’s missing in that statement, IMHO, is to communicate that ‘intention’ to the target audience. When you set expectations straight, good communications fall into place.

In our day to day dealings with people around us, we unwittingly manage their expectations. It is necessary, to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship.

Managing that expectation, is to communicate your ‘intention’. Putting that intention into perspective is positioning. When one verbalises to best represent that ‘intention’ in the context of a particular topic, the person is delivering key messages.

This is public relations in everyday situations.


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