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Public Relations in Everyday Situations – Part II

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Over the weekend, I was volunteering at my community. After one of the meet-the-people sessions, I had a supper session with a few senior grassroot members.

A senior grassroot leader dispensed this advise as we were talking about experiences as a volunteer, “Always start with the right intentions, it’ll lead you a long way..”

Indeed, the ‘right intentions’ are essential to start any relationship, needless to say, to start the journey on the right footing.

What’s having ‘right intentions’? It’s nothing more than accurate objective setting. Nobody can define what’s ‘right’ about the intention apart from social norms and by an individual’s ethical beliefs.

What’s missing in that statement, IMHO, is to communicate that ‘intention’ to the target audience. When you set expectations straight, good communications fall into place.

In our day to day dealings with people around us, we unwittingly manage their expectations. It is necessary, to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship.

Managing that expectation, is to communicate your ‘intention’. Putting that intention into perspective is positioning. When one verbalises to best represent that ‘intention’ in the context of a particular topic, the person is delivering key messages.

This is public relations in everyday situations.

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Manhunting Goes Social, Mobile

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Manhunting Goes Social, Mobile

March 13th, 2008 by NGT

Mas Selamat MMS

A couple of weeks ago, Interpol released an “Orange Notice” for Mas Selamat Kasatari, an infamous terrorist group leader, when he escaped from detention. The ensuing manhunt for Singapore’s most wanted man is being fortified through FacebookThe-New-Faces-at-Facebook and mobile phones.

To help spread a nationwide alert, local carriers SingTel, StarHub and M1 chipped in to disseminate free text messages carrying Mas Selamat’s picture to every mobile subscriber that they have. According to The Straits Times, there are about 5.5 million mobile phone subscriptions in Singapore, and most of the devices today are able to receive such MMS picture messages. The message asks people to call the police if they see the fugitive. For those who cannot receive MMS, a regular SMS message was sent asking them to log onto their carrier’s website to view the image.

Hundreds of citizens have also started Facebook groups and online forums to share intelligence through pictures, posts, and news articles.

We’ve seen this phenomenon all over the world recently–from citizens snapping shots of bloodied monks camera phone during the protests in Burma to MTV’s street team of amateur journalistsCamera-Phone-News Oct-07 and Think.mtv social network around the U.S.’s 2008 elections. This is the new age of communication and information distribution, and it will radically change the way our governments, media outlets and entire infrastructures operate. Now if only someone would snap a photo of Osama bin Laden on their N95…

–Kevyn Eng, NGT Correspondent from FH Singapore

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Manhunting Goes Social, Mobile

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Sinpapore Wins Inaugural Youth Olympics 2010

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The International Olympics Council announced that Singapore will be the host country for the inaugural Youth Olympics 2010. The Youth Olympics will be the Olympic Games for 14-18 year olds and will showcase the best the worlds youth has to offer.

A tiny island state, represented by a red dot on the world map, Singapore beat Moscow to host the games. The decision was announced live via satellite to an enthusiastic crowd gathered at Singapores City Hall with the Prime Minister attending the event.

With the win, Singapore is poised to be the highlight of the world come 2010. This opens up the country to many business opportunities, especially for companies targeting youth.

Kevyn Eng, NGT Correspondent from FH Singapore
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Public Relations is applicable to day-to-day situations – Be sincere in your questions

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Many people think that Public Relations are tools available only to businesses. Public relations is really applicable in day-to-day situations.

I’ll be starting a series of PR in day-to-day situation posts. This hopes to relate daily situations with PR fundamentals. Hopefully, with this information, I’ll be part of the many efforts to elevate PR from it’s misconstrued evil cousin who has a reputation of being fake, shallow and insincere.

More often than not, people around us are our resources. From time to time, we ask them questions, hoping to seek some advice and counsel to matters we that are of value to us.

Asking questions and seeking opinions are a great way of checking one’s thoughts and it opens up opportunities to learn new perspectives. At the end of the exercise, it allows us to gain a more holistic view on one’s existing perceptions.

Asking questions and seeking counsel requires skill. Here are some suggestions:

1) Keep an open mind – If you already have a pre-conceived notion of what the answer should be, don’t ask the question. It insults the person who is giving you his point-of-view. Always keep an open mind. In a case where you disagree, you can respond with your personal point-of-view. However, do so only after you have acknowledged the sender’s ideas. Consider before responding. No use getting defensive.

2) Have an objective for questions you ask – If you ask for the sake of asking, you are naturally not open for any answers. In that case, you risk the relationship between the sender and the receiver. Always have rationale for asking the question. Even a simple “I want to ask this question to affirm my decision” could well be a rationale for the question. Do have to take point 1 in consideration though.

3) Present your questions in an open ended manner – Close ended questions have little value. Even if it is irrelevant, there is value in hearing another person’s perspective. It gives you a hint to other subject matters and it might be a piece of useful information.

4) Avoid using the word “Why” or take a questioning tone – You are seeking inputs from the sender in every question you ask. You need to respect that, and for that matter, be appreciative that an answer is shared with you. Remember, the sender has a choice: whether to answer or not. If he / she does, it’s already doing you a favour. Be appreciative and you are off to a good start.

5) Be professional / objective in your questions and thank the answerer at the end of the question. – Being polite helps you build a personal reputation. To avoid being embroiled in a emotional spiral, ask questions as objectively as possible. Avoid embedding emotional elements in your questions. It doesn’t help.

These inputs represents my personal thoughts. Feel free to share yours.

More coming. =)

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Latest Happenings in Singapore – More to come.

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Wireless Recharging the Next Great Thing in Singapore

by NGT

The word wireless has become synonymous with cool in Singapore as emerging mobile applications are stepping into the spotlight.

Theres the Wireless@SG program, which truly accelerated the deployment of Wi-Fi and catalyzed the demand for wireless services. The government-run service lets users enjoy free, both in-door and outdoor seamless wireless broadband in most public areas at no charge. Another promising initiative is the NFC (Near Field Communications) trials being conducted by NETS, Singapores leading electronics payments provider, which feature over-the-air applications for mobile phones.

Now, a vendor in Singapore, Mobile and Wireless group (MWg) has announced the possibility of charging mobile phones wirelessly!

MWg is working with Splashpower to create mobile phones that can be charged wirelessly, and it expects the phones to launch here in the second half of the year. Splashpower is a UK-based company that makes charging bases that can power phones via magnetic induction when placed on a specially-made pad.

Besides giving consumers the convenience of wireless charging, MWg wants to give them the power to customise the phones. It plans to offer free downloadable applications on its online portal to help consumers decide how they want to interact with their devices through customised graphic user interfaces.

As mobile devices reached about 123% in Singapore in 2007, this innovation will certainly boost the use of mobile devices for communications and information sharing, bringing about a new level of convenience for users.

Kevyn Eng, NGT Correspondent from FH Singapore

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